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Fragrance-Free Events

We invite your help to ensure a dance event that can be enjoyed by everyone. To create a safe, healthy and pleasurable dance environment, we ask that you refrain from wearing any scented products when attending a fragrance-free event. If you are chemically sensitive, please understand that we strive to facilitate a fragrance-free event.

Chemical sensitivity is a health issue for some members of our dance community, not just a personal preference. It can be compared to the issue of second-hand smoke, and is as serious: some people cannot tolerate even small amounts of chemicals found in common products like dandruff shampoo, after-shave lotion and hair spray. These chemicals can act as respiratory irritants, as cardiac stimulants (skyrocketing blood pressure and triggering palpitations) and as neurotoxins (blurring vision and upsetting balance cues). Exposure to even small amounts can cause these symptoms, and they can be especially dangerous while dancing.

Our events offer a special challenge because many of us like to "spruce up" with colognes, perfumes, hair sprays, and after shaves. Fancy clothes come out of storage smelling of mothballs. Costumes are sent to the cleaners. Please be aware of the issue and check your products for fragrance. If you suffer from chemical sensitivity, please come prepared to protect yourself against exposure.

At our fragrance-free events, please:

Thank you for continuing your efforts over the years to make our events safe, healthy and fun for all.

Adapted from notes supplied by Portland Country Dance Community, Portland, OR

Last updated January 7, 2023 Webmaster